How Does It Work?

How much does it cost to consign with Redmond Used Motorcycles?
When you consign with Redmond Used Motorcycles there are no up front costs.  Instead when the motorcycle is sold, we collect a consignment fee.
How do I submit my motorcycle for consignment?
Click here to enter your motorcycle information into a consignment request.  We will respond to you within 2 business days.
I still owe money on my motorcycle, can I still consign it?
Yes!  Redmond Used Motorcycles can sell your motorcycle, even if you still have a bank loan on it.  After your vehicle is sold, the loan will be paid off and the difference (consignment payout minus loan payoff) will be paid to you.
How do I get my motorcycle to Redmond Used Motorcycles to be sold?
You can ride or trailer your motorcycle to our shop.  If requested, we offer pick-up services within a 30 mile range from the store.
What happens after my motorcycle arrives at the store?
Upon arrival at Redmond Used Motorcycles, our team will thoroughly clean and inspect your motorcycle to prepare it for sale.  If maintenance is required, it will be performed before the motorcycle is listed.
How much will my motorcycle be sold for?
Our shop monitors sales throughout the US and can determine to an extent what price your motorcycle will sell for.  
What is the consignment rate/fee for selling through Redmond Used Motorcycles?
Our consignment rates are competitive with other local consignment dealers.
What happens when the motorcycle is sold?

Once the motorcycle is sold to the new buyer, the seller will receive payment within 5 days from Redmond Used Motorcycles for the selling price minus the agreed upon consignment rate/fee.